Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Montreux 1992

Solarinverter for grid-connected PV-systems
(Prof. V. Crastan, Ph. Müller., Ingenieurschule Biel)
    Ch. von Bergen Sputnik Engineering AG, Berne)

Abstract  of the report

In Switzerland there is a need for small grid-connected PV-plants in the range 3 to 100 kW. The Ingenieurschule Biel (ISB) is very actively involved in the development of solar inverters in this power class. The 3 kW SOLCON inverter developed in the second half of the 1980's met considerable success. More than 250 SOLCON inverters are operational in Switzerland. The ISB's work concentrated in the last years on the development of a 20 kW inverter module. The project was supported by the commission for the Promotion of Scientific Research (KWF) and the Electricity Services of the City of Biel.
To date, six 20 kW plants have been equipped with the SOLARMAXimizer now available. It is produced and marketed by Sputnik Engineering AG, Berne. The modular design enables plants to be grid-connected up to 500 kW.