Last book (2014):    Can we save the climate?  climate protection Reports

New:     Global Energy Demand and 2-degree Target, Report 2014,   Springer-Verlag,  december 2014  (ISBN, 978-3-319-12309-7​)

Author:  Prof. Dr. Ing. V. Crastan  (prof. em. Bern University of Applied Sciences Biel/Bienne, Switzerland)    valentin.crastan@bluewin.ch

Main books: (in German and French, see also "home" or "français")

Book 1: Fundamentals on Power Systems: electricity, phasors and components, field theory, high voltage, power transmission, power distribution, network modelling, dynamics and simulation, synchronous machine, power transformer, power transmission lines, loads, asynchronous machine, network calculation, load flow, short circuit stresses, non symmetric loads and structures, breaking devices, switching phenomena, protections.  First edition 2000, Springer book, second edition 2007  (711 p., 564 fig., more than 100 examples and exercises, , Table of contents 1 ), third edition 2012

Book 2: energy economy, renewable energies, sustainable development, competition in electricity market,  power plants (hydraulic, steam, gasturbine, cogeneration, nuclear plants), alternative electricity production (wind, photovoltaic, fuel cells, nuclear fusion), dynamics and control of power systems (primary, secondary), power angle stability, voltage control and voltage stability, optimal operation, instrumentation and control devices, ( 848 p., 578 fig., examples and exercises, 2nd edition Springer 2008, Table of contents 2 )  3rd edition 2012